7 questions for Antoine Bauza

Antoine Bauza
Antoine Bauza

More than 20 games and RPG designed by himself or with another designer (included Takenoko, Rampage andTokaido) and also some video games (World of Lovecraft and Furry Tales). Some prestigious awards (like the 2011 Spiel des Jahres Kennerspiel des Jahres Wineer for 7 Wonders and recently the 2013 Spiel des Jahres Game of the year Winner for Hanabi). I could say that at least game players played one of his games and even I think that 3/4 of them own one of his games. He is a great figure of the world of game as well as for example Mr Cathala and Mr Rosenberg and I had the privilege to meet at the 2013 International festival of games in Cannes.

Therefore this are the 7 questions for Antoine Bauza.

 1- How old were you when you played your first board game and which board game was it?

«Hard to say exatly what was the first game I discovered. As s child, I remember playing tradiitional card games (bataille, Mistigri, Bellote) with my grand-mother? I think I was 5 or 6 years old…»

2-  Why and how did you decide to design a board game?

«I am part of the video game generation! I grow up with that new way to play.

Working in the video game industry was one of my dream. This is what I try to acomplish and the end of school ( I have actually a training in computing and I followed one of the first video game teaching class available in France in a school which is named now ENJMIN).

I unfortunately didn’t find a job in this industry. I decided then to go to another career that I was deeply interrested into: teaching. In the meantime I started to play and create my first board games…To the point it become my profession.»

3- What are your 3 favorite board games?

«Magic the gathering: a game which revolutionized our world without which I certainely wouldn’t be a game designer today. I still playing it regularly…

Kakerlaken poker: for me it is the ultimate game of bluff.

Trough the Ages: certainely one of the modern board game I play the most after Magic…»

4-For you, what is the best combination for a succesful board game?

«Hard to give you a perfect combination because the succes depends of so many external factors to the designer or the publisher: the public, the timing, the competition, the luck…

We could eventually give a recipe to make a good game: an original idea and/or a strong idea, a lot and a lot of development work (have a maximum of test players), a good quality of observation and listening skills to shape the game for it to plase the targeted public, a rule and an optimized ergonomics, well thought…»

5- How do you proceed to design a game?

«I take a piece of life (to travel, to build, to fight, to grow) and I try to transfer it to a board game looking to make it fun before everything else…»

6- What tips could you give to someone who want to design a board game?

«- Play, play a lot and all kind of game (RPGs, video games, child games, on board games or outside).

– Work on several games not just one.

– Have fun.»

7- Could you give us a small info about your future projects?

«I actually devote a lot of energy to «Sinbad», my new cooperatif game, an ambitious game with a lot of material and a lot of aspects to work on. The future of «7 Wonders» occupy a part of my time as well.»

Thank you so much to Antoine Bauza to take time answering those questions. For more informations this is Antoine’s  web page: http://www.antoinebauza.fr/


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