7 questions for François Haffner

François Haffner
François Haffner

In the board game world, there are some designers, artists, publishers and all kind of games enthusiasts like you and I.

François Haffner is a game designer (Maka Bana, Dalapapa) which won rewards but also a game enthusiast. François has indeed a board games collection of 7000 pieces which is larger than the one of Jeff Bauspies (Guinness World Records of board games collection) with only 1531 pieces! Then we could ask ourself why bother? And this is where François had a great idea, he decided to do something amazing: share his enthusiasm and collection. Yes, Mr Haffner will open in spring 2014 his «gîte»/Bed and Breakfast. «L’Escale à Jeux» a place in Saon-et-Loire, France where you will be able to stay and play to one or more of his 7000 games. Needless to say you will have to stay more than a night!

Before to go to visit François’ gîte this is the answers to the 7 questions.

1.How old were you when you played your first board game and which board game was it?

«I was, I think, 4 or 5 years old and it could have been a «game of Goose». A little later I played «Parcheesi» and after that I played «Innovaton.»»

2- Why and how did you decide to design a board game?

«It is quite by accident that I created board games. I don’t consider myself really a game designer.»

3- What are your 3 favorite board games?

«If I have to chose 3, I will give the names of the ones I play the most now: Bridge, Innovation and Tayü.»

4- For you, what is the best combinaison for a succesful board game?

«An extrem replayability! This explan the succes of games like the Bridge, the Scrabble or … Innovation.»

5- How do you proceed to design a game?

«It comes to my mind and I develop it. If it’s good, I look for a publisher, If not, it’s cast aside.»

6- What tips could you give to someone who want to design a board game?

«To not think a moment that you will make money from it. Create the game for your friends and family. If it’s published, very good, if it brings a little money, very good, but you shouldn’t have this objectif in mind.»

7- Could you give us a small info about your future projects?

«Open my «ludique» (board games theme) gîte/ Bed and Breakfast. But this is a project which made steady progress every day!»

Thank you Mr Haffner to answer those questions and thank you for this place. For more informations : http://jeuxsoc.fr/


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