7 questions for Hicham from Matagot


The series « 7 questions » will go towards new editors with a French company: Matagot.

Matagot is a publishing house that is behind many well-known and recognized board games like the « Northwest Passage », « Cyclades », « Dice Town » and most recently « Corto », they also publish books like the series « Louis Galoup » and RPG like the « Metal Adventures » series. It goes without saying that the quality of productions Matagot is always impeccable. Boxes, boards, pieces makes all their games beautiful and great. You can not go wrong buying one of their games.

Hicham is the « head honcho » of Matagot whom took the time to answer 7 questions.

1 – How old were you when you played your first board game and what was it ?

 » whoa, very hard . Well, I think I was 6 years old and I was playing Marco Polo. It was a game of exploration , which included several of them. Nothing very original but I remember there was a lot of material , and it was very nice. « 

2 – Why and how did you decide to edit, publish board games ?

« In general , I love editing. I love the process that starts from the idea to realization and whose essence is creativity. This is why I like to be an editor so much, whatever is of the book , the press , or the game. If our principal activity is the game it is because that’s one which takes the most growth and it is the one in which we are involved the most in. « 

3 – What are your 3 favorite board games and why?

« This is going to sound strange, but despite my job and because of it, I very rarely get to play more than 2 or 3 times (in the best case) ito the same game. play takes a lot of time , and the only games we play endlessly are our projects in progress during the development phase . That said, it suits me well , because it pleases me to flutter ! So I do not have favorite games , or top 3 ultimate . « 

4 – For you, what is the best combination to publish successfully ?

« If we had the recipe, we would be rich and famous ! More seriously, it is difficult to anticipate a success, it is all the publishing business : taking risks to bring a project in which he believes . However , once the decision to publish is made, it is essential to give the best chance to play in order to survive in the shelves’ jungle ! It is to pay real attention and to best achieve all its aspects : its mechanics, its rules, its equipment, its theme and its illustrations. Then, if the Matagot Team is having fun playing it , it’s a good sign ! The game is above all fun. « 

5 – How do you proceed to publish a board game ?

 » The process of publishing games is very similar to book publishing . First the author contact us and present us a prototype. This prototype is played by our chief tester and if there is the potential , the prototype is then tried by all Matagot Team. Following these tests, if the game has potential , originality or something that gets our attention , we will contact the author to work on developing it together.

Next, follows all the phases of projects: development ( adjustment of the sets of rules and mechanics ) , graphics (search for the visual identity of the game) and production ( making the shape of the game equipment ) . After months of hard work, the game comes out , all hot and ready to be played on the shelves of our favorites stores. « 

6 – What advice would you give to someone wishing to be published / edited ?

« For a game to suduce us , and it is valid for many publishers I think he must have a well-oiled and original mechanics, which is in line with a strong and supportive theme. Game creation takes time, and do not hesitate to work on the time it takes before submitting . Suggest a game to a publisher when he is not ready , the risk of being denied while its full potential has not yet been reached. Our advice to properly develop a game is to be tested again and again , especially outside the friendly and family circles. We love friends and family, but the proximity to the author does not always have an objective look at the project. The contest of young designers , including that of Boulogne, are good ways to confront the objectives of specialists looks. « 

7 – Could you give us some information on your next project ? 

« We can tell you that there will be a lots of them !

And because we like you, we could also told you that there will be a new expedition to the Far West … « 

Thank you to the Matagot team and especially Hicham to answered the 7 questions.

For more information on all Matagot’s productions,  visit this link:


Hicham de Matagot
Hicham de Matagot

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