Bee or not bee from Marcel Friboulet

Panique dans la Ruche

« And if the bees disappeared ?

Our bees are in danger! In the meadow insecticides dominate. Pollution becomes unbearable. The climate change disrupts the environment and now the Asian hornet scourge!  »

« Bee or not Bee » is a game of Marcel Friboulet (The Mocking nail, Engrenage ), illustrated by himself and edited by MLF Creations. Unfortunately, this game has gone unnoticed when it was released in 2011! So you tell me why? Well, the board game  industry became a little more complicated with almost 5000 games produced per year and the number of authors increasingly important, it is easy to become unnoticed. Maldistribution , the timing of the release , etc … You can always find excuses. But we could not just find an excuse as players not to try a game , not to give a chance to a game Here’s your chance to discover «Bee or not Bee» .

In this game you take the control of a colony of bees in his quest for prosperity against the elements of nature, competition from other colonies, danger from hornets and unfortunately pollution. It goes without saying that this is a hot topic especially for me as an amateur beekeeper!

You have a queen , 2 «warrior» bees (for a more aggressive variant ) and 8 worker bees. Your goal, to win which seems simple is to collect 3 pollens or for the version with the warriors, is to take prisoner to 5, 6 or 7 bees depending on the number of players. The movement is done using cards drawn on a well illustrated board which represante a meadow and of course the hives. The prairie which could turn with the tornado, is covered with bushes beneath which lie flowers that you will give you the pollen but also other unpleasant surprises! So be careful where you will put your sting!

This game  » Eco -Logical  » is 15 to 45 minutes long with 2 to 4 players ages 6 years old and more and it will delight the whole family. A game where strategy mingles with the observation, memory and luck.

So do not hesitate to try this game and/or to buyt it. And because it could be hard to find it, I invite you to order directly on this website where you can find more information Included the rules in English:

Spread the buzz and good game !

Panique dans la Ruche


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