Carcassonne : South Seas from Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

Carcassonne: Mer du Sud

Well you ‘ve all played Carcassonne or at worst you’ve heard about it ! Otherwise you should quickly buy it! This is one of the games of the « nouvelle vague » (nothing to do with the «nouvelle vague» of the 50s and Truffaut !) Published in 2000 and created by Klaus -Jürgen Wrede . In one word, a CLASSIC !

So why is what I’m talking about Carcassonne after 13 years ? No, I ‘m not slow , moreover Carcassonne is part of one of my first acquisitions. No, it is only after an immeasurable number of extensions, Mr Wrede has released a new version of Carcassonne , a version which with these chilly fall and winter months, will soon warms us by taking us in the South Seas !

« Carcassonne : South Seas  » is the novelty that is published by Filosofia in France and illustrated by Harald Lieske et Dennis Lohhausen. A different version of the classic Carcassonne. You won’t score points when you complete the islands, you won’t score points when you complete bridges or when you control regions, but you will collect bananas, shellfish and fish and sail the South Seas .

This game for 2-4 players ages 8 years and up,lasting more or less 35 minutes , will turn you into a marine merchant. You will exchange your shells, bananas and fish against points . A nice simple mechanical faithful to the classic Carcassonne.

So wear your Hawaiian shirts and straw hat and go buy Carcassonne : South Seas. It is also a great idea for a Christmas gift!

For more information visit this website:–carcassonne-mers-du-sud.php

Carcassonne: Mer du Sud


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