Eight Minutes Empire from Ryan Laukat

8 Minutes pour un Empire

Today I ‘ll tell you about a game that isn’t even released in France yet! Indeed, it will arrive in the display of your « good creamery  » in France in early December. It is already available in the US.
« Eight-Minute Empire « , a game from Ryan Laukat (Empire of the Void , City of Iron) a young designer , illustrated by himself and published in France by Iello ( Andor. ..) . it plays with 2 to 5 players 13 years old and more, for of course roughly 8 minutes!
Ryan financed his game in USA in late 2012 with a Kickstarter operation that brought him a budget of $ 34,010.00 on the $ 7,000.00 requested and also has funded in the same way an extension for this game: « Eight minutes to an Empire : Legends « . There he also has widely exceeded in the first 24 hours his initial goal of $ 10,000.00 and has reached the end of the campaign $ 41,792.00 . Further proof that Kickstarter,Ulule, MyMajorCompany and other crowdfunding web sites may be of a good help even if they do everything!
This is a game where you « buy » action cards that allow you to conquer territories and collect resources from the 6 available that in order to have the most points at the end of the game to win. Your initial budget is very limited ( 5 players: 8 coins, 4 players: 9 coins, 3 players: 11 coins, 2 players: 14 coins) and you have no way to earn more money for the party! So pay attention to your choice of cards! Especially after the first person to reach the number of cards defined by the number of players ( 5 players: 7 cards , 4 players: 8 cards, 3 players: 10 cards , two players: 13 cards ) the game ends . It goes without saying that the pressure is on to conquer the most territory and collect the maximum resource with this budget and also limited time!
The equipment is simple: a small both-sided board , 5 sets of 14 cubes and 3 wooden disc , 42 cards, 44 tokens (coins ) 10 coins resources and a small rulebook. All that in a small box 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.90″ for a reasonable price of $ 20.00.
In summary a very nice game if you do not have too much time to play or if you want to discover the games of territory control like Risk, Troyes or Eclipse but with simpler rules for a first approach .
So if you do not participate in Kickstarter to fund this game already have your copy of the game , you should it and maybe buy this game in your favorite store.

For more information: http://www.redravengames.com/eight-minute-empire/

Good game!

8-Minute Empire


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