Maka Bana from François Haffner

Maka Bana

« You are developers in charge to build huts on the island of Maka Bana . To do this, you need to create projects , realize them and develop them. You will also attempt to interfere with the projects of your competitors , placing their sacred Tkis on their sites . The ones possessing at the end of the game the most beautiful resorts win the game .  »

Bring out the flower necklaces, Hawaiian shirts and punches ( fruit juices punches of course) . Here is Maka Bana !

Maka Bana is a game created by François Haffner in 2003 , illustrated by David Cochard and distributed in France by Sweet November . This is a game that plays with 3 to 6 players aged 10 and over for a period of roughly 60 minutes.

I had the privilege of playing my first game with François himself , at least under the guise of François. We were 5 players all wearing beautiful flower necklace . After François’ explanations  we start slowly and timidly to build our huts on these beautifully illustrated archipelagos. It goes without saying that the pace of the game has increased and that some form of « polite and cheerful aggression » to took the place of the shyness . We fought to develop our huts on the most beautiful archipelagos and called for clemency of the gods by placing our sacred Tiki to protect our land or to stop the development of other developers. A great game where I just saved my honor , finishing just before last …

The mechanics of the game is relatively simples, but the strategy turn the game into a fun game to play with family or friends .

To define the placement of your huts you select a hand consisting of three cards ( some times 4 cards) that represent the beach, the area and the type of construction. When everyone has chosen his hand , you reveal one card of your choice which will give a clue to your opponents on the place where you want to build. Then you ask the gods to give you a hand by placing your Tiki where you want to stop your opponents or to protect your buildings. And finally , everyone reveals his projects and this is the time when everyone sees whether or not you can build your hut.

While this is simple, but that’s not counting the fact that you can repaint the huts of others ( or your own) or even take an advantage and decided to build a diving center !

This game has 60 huts of different colors, 6 Tikis , its 90 cards and 2 boards , will lead you into paradise land and warm for 60 minutes  » tropical swindling  » said François seas like so .

So go to your ‘good loca lcreameries’ and you obtain this game.

For more information on this game , check out this page:

Good game!

Maka Bana
Maka Bana

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