Mice & Mystics from Jerry Hawthorne

Mice & Nystics

« Once upon a time …

A kingdom ruled by a good and just King. After the death of his Queen, he had single-handedly raise his son, Prince Collin.

On a beautiful fall day, a messenger came to the castle – the mysterious and beautiful Queen Vanestra. Shortly after her arrival, the king announced his intention to marry Vanestra.

Then arose the dark days … « 

A fantasy world where heroes were turned into mices in a castle they know well but now 20 times larger and infested with evil rats, cockroaches and other insects without forgetting the infamous Brodie the cat.

In this cooperative exploration game , you will play the role of valiant mices finding your way into the castle, exploring every corner to collect items for a successful mission. Be careful the road is full of pitfalls, mice traps, warriors rats, spiders, cockroaches and all in a relatively fast time . The success of your adventure depends of the decisions you make together .

A superb miniature game of Jerry Hawthorne an American author who has brought us , among other things with the cooperation with other authors «Battleship Galaxies», «Heroscape». It is illustrated by John Ariosa a very talented illustrator who illustrated «Summoner Wars», «City of Remnants», etc … Filosofia publish this game in France and Plaid Hat Games in English.

This game of 1 to 4 players from 14 years old and more ( I have not tried it yet with my children ) lasts roughly 90 minutes. You have beautiful figurines ( many players paint them) representing mices, rats and other insects. As well as dices, cards and also beautifully illustrated reversible room tiles!

Mice & Mystics also comes with a booklet of 55 pages that takes you along incredible adventures and extensions already came out to continue the adventure. It goes without saying that you can create your own adventures! 8 Room reversible tiles can be placed as you wish for it.

This is a game for families that Jerry wanted to create as he stated in his dedication :

« With Mice & Mystics , my goal is to ensure that families and friends come together on an evening filled with heroic adventures in a world where being small does not mean being unable to change the world. »

I invite you as usual to try this game with friends and / or family and lose yourself in this fantastic universe.

For more information please visit the website:  http://www.filosofiagames.com/jeux/mice-and-mystics.php

Mice & Mystics


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