Survive: Escape from Atlantis from Julian Courtland-Smith

The Island

«It’s early in the 20th century – a time of exploration and adventure. The mysterious island of Atlantis has been discovered in the middle of the ocean, and there are rumors of great riches to be found there! After reaching Atlantis, the explorers are ready to return home with treasure and artifacts. But Atlantis begins to sink! In a panic, the adventurers try to avoid a terrible fate.  The luckiest will find a boat to return home while the less fortunate will have to try to swim for it.  But nobody will be safe from the Sea Monsters, Whales, and Sharks that live in the ocean around Atlantis! Who will reach dry land with their riches?  Who will Survive!?»

This is a nice game designed by Julian Courtland-Smith, illustrated by David Ausloos, Stéphane Gantiez, Jean Brice Dugait and published by Asmodee. 10 meeples with differente values (from 1 to 6), a limited number of boat (a maximum of 12) and when this island sink randomly (almost randomly because your «friends»are the ones to decide) some sea monsters make things more complicated!

I played my first game of «Survive: escape from Atlantis!» on a giant board at Cannes’ «Salon International des Jeux» in 2013. It was very fun and since I bought this game to keep having fun in regular basis.

On a ocean look a like board with at the four corner some coastal ground, you place randomly at the center 40 tiles (16 beach, 16 forest and 8 montain). Then you take turn to place your explorers on this island you just created. Unfortunatly, the island start sinking under the feet (the beach tiles first then the forest and finaly the mountain) of your explorers and they find themself in the ocean. Furhermore, some sea creatures appeared which make life more complicated to reach any ground in one of the four coners!

The game mechanic is very simple as you can see. Your explorers have limited movements (3 on the island and 1 in theocean). Each tiles you take out the board make the island sink and hide a sea creature or a «joker». A dice activate a sea creature at the end of your turn. Those creature have specific actionand the game end when the volcano (under a mountain tile) start his eruption. You win at the end if you have the most points not necessarily the most explorers!

A game full of twists which will make you spend 60 fun minutes. There are some extentions, one with dolphins, one with giant squids and one to play up to 6 players!!

In short, this game of more or less 60 minutes for 2 to 4 players (I do recommend 4 players) will make you have a great time in family because it is suggested for 8 years old and more.

As always, I recommend you to try and maybe to buy it.

Good game!!


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