The Builders Middle-Ages from Frédéric Henry

Les Bâtisseurs: Moyen-Âge

«Become the First kingdom «builder» is the dream of all master builders. To realize it you must combine a good labourers recruitment technique and a smart choice of building projects. Because, what you build, will bring you fame and funds to hire better skilled workers. Skilled workers which will be able to build prestigious buildings like a cathedral, a lifetime achievement!»

This the new game from Frédéric Henry who already brought us «Timeline» and «The Adventurers». This time he worked with Sabrina Miramon for the illustrations of this game published by Bombyx (Get Bit!, Takenoko). Yes another nice little tin box! This more or less 30 minutes game for 2 to 4 players 10 years old or older, is a card game with gold coins (15) and silver one (25). You will a total of 42 builders cards with some Apprentices, Master builders, Skilled builders… You will have as well 47 cards of buildings and building machines. Those cards could scare the «wood cubes pushers» but don’t be fooled, even if the cubes are cards and coins, you will love this game for its «simple complexity».

Then, what is it about? You are a Midle Ages «Builder» (it maybe means that we could see some Builders from a different time framein the future of Frédéric?) with a starting budget (10 coins) and one apprentice. Your goal is to have a «collection» of buildings which will bring you fame to become The official Kingdom builder and that in a limited time (as soon as a player reach 17 points. the game stop)!It is without saying that 10 coins and an apprentice won’t be enough to succed then you will have to hire some workers with different set of skills and start some constructions!

A game where you will have to managed a more or less tight budget, hire workers by watching their cost and definitively chose some interresting buildings as equaly coveted by the other Builders that those skilled workers.

In short, the only thing little about this game is the box. It could make you think about some step of board games and why not using this game to indrotuce new gamers to more advanced games like Caylus or Agricola!

I really recommand you this game, small price, small size to bring to your friends, simple rules but with a game system very attractif and full of surprises.

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