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Charles Darrow
Charles Darrow

So many words, kinds choices to choose from, but the only thing most of the people tell you when they speak of games comes down to MONOPOLY !! A game created in the 30s by Charles Darrow ! Well it is true that there have been over 275 million copies sold since its creation (ie Paker Brothers must have to bite their fingers because they had refused to publish it because ‘ too complex ‘ !!) and it just explain that everybody knows this game! But come on, let’s be serious for a moment, the world of board game is so rich and diverse than just to limit yourself to only MonopolyScrabble or Life is too stupid ! Attention that is clear, I am not at all a games snob and I have nothing against the Monopoly itself ! Like many gamers , I started with games including MonopolyTrivial Pursuit, or The Good Pay !

So why we do not know more games ? First, a small number of new games has reached recently a certain notoriety as Jungle Speed ​​, Time ‘s Up but it is so insignificant .

There is a little change to see in the ‘marketing’ of games. In the 60’s/70’s we begin to see the names of the designers on the boxes ! This didn’t change much at that time … Then the media start to do some advertising for some games which are lucky enough to be published by great companies and so we will find the most popular games like Cluedo , Mille Bornes or Operation ! And then we fall into a vicious circle , a kind of which came first the chicken or the egg ? These popular games that advertising campaigns can be found in supermarkets like your supermarkets and large retail distribution played, even where a vast majority of people will buy their games first.

We could just ask ourself : if there is so many games ( as too many says often Croc and this is only his opinion), where are they ? France has just over 400 specialty boutiques and for a long time these boutiques were not on our boulevards or in our shopping districts ! you really had to wanted it to be able to find them, and at the beginning these shops were intended for a large part to RPG  that developed shortly before the new wave of games. On the one hand you have trouble finding these shops and on the other hand, customers at the time was rather pejoratively called (and this is not my personal opinion) marginals : young people 18-25 years old, colored hair or not, smore or less long , dressed in black … A very pejorative and stereotypical view of these players ! Briefly hard for a mother or a father to bring their children into a shop like this to buy a game that they never heard about ! Since then, things have changed a lot , shops have become more visible and ‘ clear ‘ with people in the direction of these shops just waiting to guide you in this game world. Customers also diversified and the world of board games also .

Yet the problem persists, very few people know games like Ticket to Ride , or even Carcassonne ! large audiences media themselves speak very little of the game world or if they do it is always about the kind of games largely distributed. This is still somewhat of a mystery because there are a lot to talk about! There are a large number of awards in the game world of which 8 are very important as the Spiel des Jahres in Germany, the As d’Or at Cannes and the Origin Award in the U.S. for example. There are also board game shows and festivals in France and worldwide . We have over 500 games created in France alone each year and an industry that generates hundreds of millions of Euro each year worldwide ! And now nearly 2,000 games libraries spread over the whole French territory.

It is therefore necessary to make people discover those new games. In a world that moves so fast where technologies individualize people, it is important to find ourself around a game with friends and / or family.

We can do everything with these new games like becoming a little ant ( Myrmes ) , manage a 17 century farm ( Agricola ), find a cure against an epidemic ( Pandemic ) or explore Japan ( Tokaido ) . It can become an aid to education! It is up to us fans to do something . Then take your game boxes , bring them to your friends or your family , please find simple games to start and change the level. Give as a gift a small game! A small game box which cost 10 , 15 or 20 euro is just as nice idea as bringing flowers or chocolates .

Especially enjoy yourself , have fun and share the good times !

Good game!


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