Thoughts on the future of Asmodée in the world of board games

Games publisher

As we all have learned almost on 13 November this year, Eurazeo investment (Accor , Dessange , Europcar, … ) came into focus for the redemption of Asmodée the biggest games publishing company in France but also in 7 other countries like the United States, the Benelux and the United Kingdom. This publishing company founded in 1995 has achieved in 2012 a turnover of 110 million euro representing a growth of 13%! It goes without saying that the game world in general is doing well and continuing to grow despite the crisis, all new game consoles and games on smartphone.

So why a group of finance as Eurazeo does invest 102 million euro in equity in a company with its apparent value is € 143 million? Especially a financial group which has nothing to do with the games world?

And this is indeed for the game industry a good news, a very good news. It simply mean that Asmodée is doing very well as indicated Virginie Morgon, Eurazeo Chief Investment Officer, who said :  » We were attracted by Asmodee ability to identify and develop games and malignant innovative, while leading the market intelligently . The growth profile of the company and its significant potential for transformation both in terms of new products that fully meet new geographies Eurazeo investment criteria. Alongside teams Asmodee, led by Stéphane Carville, we aim to Asmodee a global player in the publishing and distribution of games .  »

So we may be afraid for the future direction of Asmodée!

I am personally not afraid for Asmodée, they hold 60% market shares for the distribution of modern games followed by Gigamic and Iello, we’ll see if this acquisition happens , market share evolving to Asmodée to a global level but again in this growing market so exponential, there will always be room for other distributors who will always be there to take care of games a little less general public instead of the great successes of Asmodée as Jungle Speed , Dobble or Time’s Up.

In France alone, there are over 500 new games released each year, a network of more than 400 specialty shops and more than 12 million boxes of games sold including 2.5 million boxes of « modern  » games! So there is a large enough market that continues to grow. Thanks to the huge variety of games currently available and the desire to gather around a table and talk with other people. For this, and this is perhaps a paradox , we can thank video games !

For us as players , that means definitely more modern games to satisfy our evenings. In addition, the phenomenon of crowdfunding is also increasingly important (see the article on the success of Zombicide ) and allows young designers to start creating and self- publishing their games.

I would therefore like for Asmodée to remain true to its ideology of  » dusting the classic image of the game world  » without too much dusting risking to become themself too classic and remember that this is for games world they do not work for a CAC 40 company. We will always be there to watch what becomes of Asmodée.


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