7 questions for Mathilde from Gigamic

Mathide de Gigamic
Mathide de Gigamic

It is with great pleasure that I present the person who answered 7 questions today. And yes, unfortunately the game world does not include many women. Mathilde is a ray of sunshine in the game world. Indeed, when you have the chance to personally meet or to see Mathilde via on-line video, you can only fall for her good humor and her smile. This is the happiness of Gigamic where Mathilde is responsible for marketing and communication.

Gigamic is a publisher and distributor of games created in 1991 with a portfolio that covers all kinds of games. Family games like Marrakech, party games like the famous Category 5, bigger games like KeyFlower, games for children as Regatta and puzzles as Katimono. The latest rising one is Coal Baron from Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling.

So here are the 7 questions for Mathide from/and Gigamic.

1- How old were you when you played your first board game and what was it ?

« Hard to say … it’s all so long ago, I remember we played many family games like yellow dwarf, the yams, and then also has games like Doctor Maboul, Hyppo gouton … later , there was Chess, and Risk. What followed was a break from board games, replaced by RPG and card games like Magic, the board games later returned, it is more convenient when you only have the time during an evening to play with friends. « 

2 – Why and how did you decide to edit publish board games ? 

« The decisive encounter for Gires brothers (founder) was the one with the author Blaise Muller of Quarto. They had an immediate crush on the game « 

3 – What are your 3 favorite board games and why ? 

« That too is a difficult question because it really depends on the context … 

 Pylos: It is the game that made me return to board games. I bought it at a model show (probably from one of my future bosses also ^ ^) and I played it hundreds of times, I annoyed everyone around me all the time wanting to play it. 

Time’s up: This is a great springboard to get someone to play modern games and convince him board games are far from being boring and nerdy. For more timid people, Dixit  fill this role very well. 

In heavier games I will mention Battlestar Galactica and Descendance for which I’ve always felt the same amount of pleasure from playing it. « 

4 – For you, what is the best combination to be published / edited successfully ? 

« The miracle recipe for success does not exist, it is a set of factors that we do not completely master: hit the market with the right game at the right time and in the right form … 

For an author I think you have to first of all take pleasure in the project without putting the pressure of success but rather to « do it right. » One thing is sure, test, retest and test again his game and be ready to challenge yourself. « 

5 – How to publish a complete game ? 

« Every game has its own story a little but broadly, it starts with contact with an author through our website or during a show. If the game seems to fit our editorial line and bring something new, we begin to test it, first internally, then externally (toy libraries, associations). If we are still convinced and after signing a contract with the author we begin the development of the product itself, what matters, what format, research for an illustrators, … « 

6 – What advice would you give to someone wishing to be published / edited ? 

« As said above, take pleasure in the project first. Tested it a lot (and not just with family or friends), the ideal is to go present his game in a board games association I think. This verifies that there is no equivalent game existing on the market, no rule’s bugs, and there is a real + fun provided by the proto. 

Then I think the ideal is to meet publishers during shows (Essen, Cannes, Nuremberg, …) having previously verified that the game corresponds to the editorial line of the editor in question. « 

7 – Could you give us some information on your next project ? 

« There are a lot of ongoing projects for 2014, both published jointly with our partners (Amigo, Zoch, Drei Magier …) or pure edition. What is certain is there will be something for everyone! For kids to have fun with friends, bigger game followers … in short, let’s work! « 

Thank you Mathilde for taking the time to answer 7 questions personally and for Gigamic. To learn more about Gigamic’s games:



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