7 questions for Bruno Crépeault

Bruno Crépeault

Bruno Crépeault

Here we go again in the great Canadian North, Quebec specifically. And yes this cold country but with its friendly inhabitants brings us another game creator : Bruno Crépeault. Canada is full of game creators to be reckoned with.

So if you do not already know Bruno Crépeault is the creator of Rockwell illustrated by Yuio and edited by Sit Down!. This is the first published game by Bruno and of course not the last because as I often say, « the game is an addiction, once you tasted it you can not stop. » Rockwell, which is now available in all « good dairies » in France, won the first prize at FLIP in 2010 under the name at the time of Gaïa.

Bruno is a musician and librettist (author of the libretto for an opera or dance). He has also published a novel The Memory of Tightrope edited by Quartz in 2012. This novel won the literary prize of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue twice.

Try Rockwell in your board games library or buy it in your favorite shops.

Here are 7 questions for Bruno Crépeault.

1 – How old were you when you played your first board game and what was it ? 

« I remember that I liked playing Milles Bornes, about 9 or 10 years old. It seemed a real adventure. Speed ​​limits, traffic lights, punctures … Then I had a period more cerebral with Mastermind. We played as well together on a big electronic version! « 

2 – Why and how did you decide to create board games ? 

« Like we can not be a writer without reading, you could not improvise yourself games creator without playing games. So I discovered, over time, new types of games, new games mechanics. If you have the creative spirit slightly developed, one day you said, « But hey, it would be interesting if … » Then we check if this has already been done. if not, why not, do it yourself? We create games because we like to play, then because an idea bothers us … « 

3 – What are your 3 favorite games company and why ? 

« Caylus with friends, for its purity and power; Dixit with family, for its ease of play and the creative spark that stimulates, Skull & Roses in group, for its funny and strong reactions it causes around the table. With two players, I would opt for a game of the series Gipf project, from Kris Burm, what an elegance and a depth! « 

4 – For you what is the best combination for a successful game ? 

« Interaction, dilemmas, consequence. But to have a commercial success, the game must have a beautiful design and its theme, logical and immersive. And a little chance, it also helps in the publishing world … « 

5 – How do proceed to create a game ?

« If the general idea of the game remains in my mind – theme and basic game mechanics – I immediately put in the drafting of rules 1.0 Of course, these will be modified ad nauseam for months or even years.. but it allows me to establish a logical thought (and to not forget anything!). Secondly, it is the making of the prototype (often too detailed!) and short tests. As rules become more precise, the duration of the party tests will lengthen. and if players hang around and have fun, you know you may have something … « 

6 – What advice would you give to someone wishing to create a board game ? 

« Do not overlook this: a large number of tests with a public-players as varied as possible These tests do not need to be complete. Observe the reactions, positive and negative, they will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your idea. Then write down everything! Sometimes flashes of brilliance disappear … in a flash!

7 – Could you give us some information on your next project ? 

« A game of tiles like Carcassonne, with a taste of SimCity and Agricola. But it lacks a little something that I’m still looking for. By the way, I have to go back to work … See you soon, and good games ! « 


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