7 questions for Richard Borg

Richard Borg

Today we are going to the States and we will ask our 7 questions to one of the american pionneer of the board game industry. Richard Borg.

Richard is born in 1948 and released its first game : Liars Dice in 1987 which was later, in 1993,  republished under the name of Bluff. Bluff  won the same year the Spiel des Jahres. He is well knowed for the Commands & Colors system that he used in several of his games like Battle Cry.

The list of games created by Richard alone or in co-creation with other creators is big but some become very famous and received awards. I will named just fiew of them like BattleLore, Wyatt Earp, Commands and Colors and Memoir 44.

Without waiting, those are the 7 questions for Richard Borg.

1- How old were you when you played your first board game and which board game was it ?

« Very Very Very Young, so young I really do not remember. »

2- Why and how did you decide to design a board game ?

« Actually the first games I worked on were for historical miniature gaming rules. »

3- What are your 3 favorite board games ?

« I do not have any favorites, one reason is that I really enjoy  a large variety of games, that is when I have the opportunity, which seems to be getting more difficult for me as time goes by… »

4- For you, what is the best combinaison for a succesful board game ?

« In a word « Fun ». »

5- How do you proceed to design a game ?

 » Idea , creation, development, playtest, playtest, playtest, finish game product, that hopefully I can sell
If not, the journey was fun. »

6- What tips could you give to someone who want to design a board game ?

« Do not quite your Day Job. Work on your designs part time, until you catch a break. »

7- Could you give us a small info about your future projects ?

« Looks like there will be host of expansions for current Commands & Colors games. A couple of card games should also be out this year, and One Super Big Project if all things falls into place. »

Thank you Richard for answering the 7 questions.

For more information about the games created by Richard:



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