Report from the 2014 International Games Show of Cannes, France.

Test du proto Essen avec les créateurs et Michel Van Langendonckt.
Test of the  proto of Essen the game with the designers and Michel Van Langendonckt.

As you know all or almost the 28th International Games Festival 2014 held from February 28 to March 2 at Cannes (France). This is one of the greatest games event in France. This year 270 exhibitors, 300 authors and illustrators on 30,000 m2 welcomed 150,000 visitors during those 3 days.

This is the place to try games you do not know and those who just come out. This is also the place to meet your favorite artists and illustrators for game signings. There are also prototypes of new and future games during the “Off” evenings.

During this show the As d’Or arwards are presented.The As d’Or are the French distinction of the game world. This year the winner were:

  • Concept from Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot published by Repro Productions, As d’Or game of the year.
  • Riff Raff from Christoph Cantz published by Zoch, As d’Or game of the year children.
  • Bruxelles 1893 from Etienne Espreman published by Pearl Games, Great Arward
  • The builders Middle-Age from Frédéric Henry published by Bombyx, Arward from the judges

For me it was too short as always. I still met many people and discovered new / future games.

Off de Cannes 2014

Among the prototypes I’ve tried or seen, there was Essen the Game from Etienne Espreman and Frédéric Delaporte. This simple but interesting game rules immerses you in the Essen show in Germany where you spend a day with a budget to buy games. The atmosphere of Essen is well transcribed with publishers stands, parking to unload your bags, the location of the publishers stand … So a fun game, simple, nice and who has enough levels to provide multiple opportunities and strategy to win. I also saw a game of Polaris, a prototype from Roberto Fraga whose theme is a submarine duel with 2 crews of 4 people each with a clearly defined role. It is intense but very interesting because it takes teamwork of 4 players. Another prototype that I tried is Immortal from Marcel Friboulet. This game plunges you into the bowels of Medusa’s palace where you have to cut her head while avoiding her gaze that can change you into stone. This game is still early test stage campaign but it is a promising as a semi-cooperative strategic game.

There were a lot of prototypes and I regretted not having more time to try them all.

I also tried a game that will arrive on shelves all your « good creameries » soon. It was a success on Kickstarter: Heroes of Normandy from Yann and Clem. A compromise between Memoir 44 and a classic wargame. Fluid mechanics and some high quality material. I can’t wait to get it when it comes out.

Another fun game was Colis Party published by Facily jeux who brought us Pan t’es mort. Nothing better than playing with the creators (very nice actually). A simple game that make us having a really good time.

Marie Cardouat et Naiade
Marie Cardouat and Naiade

As always many meetings and so many interviews in the future of 7 questions style. This was also the time for me to thank in person all those who have kindly already answered to the 7 questions like Marie Cardouat, Helene Graveleau, Yoann Levet, Cedrick Chaboussit, etc ….

I can’t mention all the games I’ve tried and I’ve seen and all the people I’ve met but follow and / or subscribe to La Tour à Dès and see the result of Cannes.

Good games and see you soon!


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