7 questions for Alain Rivollet

Alian Rivollet

A major achievement of the 2014 International Games Festival of Cannes (France) is Concept and published by Repro Productions who received the As d’Or. Concept is a game co-created by Gaëtan Beaujannot and Alain Rivollet, illustrated by Eric Azagury. Today it is the turn of Alain Rivollet to answer the 7 questions.

Alain is an associate professor of mathematics at the ENS of Lyon. He is considered as an eclectic games designer because of the variety of games he created. Games like You Robot, Tavern Heroes, Kubus Fidibus, Pirates! or Panik. As you can see Alain made ​​all kinds of games for all public which makes everybody happy. And as I always say: There are games for everyone and everyone can find a game that pleases him.

So try these games according to your desire or the people with whom you play but I can assure you that the last game of Alain and Gaëtan, Concept, is fun for the whole family and all types of players.

1 – How old were you when you played your first board game and what was it ?

« I had to be young, very young, in the last century but I remember games of Mille Bornes with Swallows for 200km! « 

2 – Why and how did you decide to create board games ?

« One day, I played a game not finished at all, and I created variations to be able to play as the theme of the conquest of space that I really liked. Then, step by step, I ended up creating my own game A meeting with the club Francilien of games designers who have placed my first game in Haba finally convinced me to continue in the game design. « 

3 – What are your 3 favorite games company and why ?

« The game of GO is the most refined of all the games, while being very rich, Puerto Rico for the variety of choice and freedom of multiple actions, Niagara because it cleverly combined the playful pleasure and the handling of an object ! « 

4 – For you what is the best combination for a successful game ?

« Having simple and varied choice and the choice is dictated by the maxim: » To choose is to renounce. « You should also feel involved by the actions of other players, because there is nothing more annoying than playing only during his turn! « 

5 – How do to create a game ?

« To create a game, I start from an impression, an idea, an image .. then I imagine what mechanical would suit and then I work to achieve a playful object. Followed by testing and player feedback to turn it into a game « 

6 – What advice would you give to someone wishing to create a board game ?

« To create a game, you need a good idea, then you must develop it by letting your mind go. Then you must make the mechanical works and to get a little closer to what the players know to not lose them. During the development, you should not hesitate to question yourself and to make profound changes when a point of the game does not work, instead of trying to make small corrections that will result in nothing. « 

7 – Could you give us some information on your next project ?

« I create more than 10 games a year and I always have 4 or 5 games in preparation permanently. The project close to my heart right now is a project of dancers for children who would turn on a track and change dance partners … « 

Thank you Alain for taking the time to answer the 7 questions. To learn more about  Alain’s games:



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