June 6 1944 D Day, June 6 2014

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Today June 6, 2014, we remember and commemorate the Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy. At 6:30, 70 years ago, thousands of young people have landed on the beaches Code Names: Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha, Utah, preceded by thousands of Allied troops parachuted overnight behind German lines and the work of the French resistance. Opposite stood young people as part of the German troops and in the middle French civilians.

Today marks the beginning of the liberation of Europe.

For me, the memory of that day is of great importance on several levels. I am Normand and stories of war, liberation and post-liberation rocked my childhood and part of my family history as all the Normans of my age. Also, my wife is American and in 1999, I made a donation for the construction of the National World War II Memorial in Washington as a small token of my gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice of all these young people.

DDay prep

In the world of games, this event was of course was used, narrated, illustrated several times and I will mention just a few. Those games, even if they are games can be today or any day, used to remember and explain, tell this history to the youngest among us. We must never forget this day.

In games that have for subject this day and period, here are the ones I retained but there are many other:

Memoir 44, and a special expansion « D-Day Landings » that just came out.

Combat Comander Europe with its extension Battle Pack # 3 Normandy.

D-Day Dice.

Axis and Allies.

And today released a great new game on this theme: Heroes of Normandy and a special expansion « D-Day Scenario Pack. »

There are a lot of War game of course like Battlefront, Flames of War among others that will allow lolders to « relive » that day.

Therefore on this day, play to remember and to not forget this June 6, 1944 and thus start a conversation with the younger about these events.

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