Ideal board game café?!

Snakes and Lattes
Snakes & Lattes, Toronto

In my « mission » to pass the « good word » of the game to the world, to bring the game to the people and to make them discover the people behind this industry, an idea stuck in my head for quite some time.

There are major problems for the players and for the world of games. Here are some one:

  • Find players to play when you feel like it.
  • Find a friendly place to be able to play that suits all players.
  • Finally, for non-players to try games before they buy them.

In short, the answer to this: A board game cafe.

A board game café is a place open to all, where you can enjoy a selection of games and a selection of beverages and food. This place is furnished with tables and other furniture for easier playing in a good atmosphere.

There are some in the world of all kinds and sizes. One comes to my mind among others: Snakes & Lattes in Toronto. Snakes & Lattes was created by French and knows a growing success.

Of course every person, every player has different needs and expectations and it could be difficult to please everyone or most people.

So this idea of ​​opening a board game cafe tickles my brain and I like to know what you want, expect from a board game cafe? What kind of atmosphere, service, games, furniture, menu or/and beverages, events, etc … In short, what would be, for you, the ideal board game cafe?

So feel free to comment on this post and describe your ideal board game cafe.

Thank you everyone!

La revanche, photo de atelier scd
La revanche, photo from atelier scd

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