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Gen Con 2015

This is it, my demand of accreditation has been send… Now, I just need to wait for the answer. I would love to cover the Gen Con and discover the « Essen of the U.S. ». Tell me what would you like to see cover if go?
Thank you and cross fingers for me!!

Ca y est, ma demande de passe Press a etait envoyee… Maintenant, je dois attendre la reponse. J’aimerai bien couvrir Gen Con et decouvrir le « Essen Americain ». Dites-moi ce que vous voudriez que je couvre si j’y vais?
Merci et croisez les digits pour moi!!


Happy new year 2015!!!

It is with great pleasure that I wish you a happy playful new year 2015.

May this new year be full of good times with friends and family around new games. 2014 brought us a lot of good games to try if you have not already done so and I think 2015 will be also a good vintage!

When a year is over and another begins, it is also the time for an assessment . That’s a little over a year ago(November 2013) I started this blog as an amateur enthusiast and I am always surprised by the success (modest success) that this generate. Over 19,000 views of 97 different countries, over 750 subscribers who have seen 131 posts! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of you who follow me and a huge thank you to all the people of the game world, authors, illustrators and other who have given me their precious time to answer my seven questions. I am pleased also to see that other bloggers have decided to focus on the authors or illustrators games and present them with interviews.

It is true that since my return to Texas in August, I did not publish much, yet the interviews are there in my files! It was the reunion with my family, our move and I have not managed correctly my time. The days became weeks and weeks months … I promise, in 2015 La Tour à Dés will be back in full force with new projects and more regularly. One of my plan for a new year, will my participation to Gencon in Indianapolis late July early August. The discovery of the world of the game industry during the biggest game event on this side of the Atlantic  will be very interesting!


As always I’m open to your suggestions, feedback and comments. I want this blog to be a place for discussion and reflection. So feel free to comment my posts or contact me  on the Facebook page of La Tour à Des.

Ideal board game café?!

Snakes and Lattes
Snakes & Lattes, Toronto

In my « mission » to pass the « good word » of the game to the world, to bring the game to the people and to make them discover the people behind this industry, an idea stuck in my head for quite some time.

There are major problems for the players and for the world of games. Here are some one:

  • Find players to play when you feel like it.
  • Find a friendly place to be able to play that suits all players.
  • Finally, for non-players to try games before they buy them.

In short, the answer to this: A board game cafe.

A board game café is a place open to all, where you can enjoy a selection of games and a selection of beverages and food. This place is furnished with tables and other furniture for easier playing in a good atmosphere.

There are some in the world of all kinds and sizes. One comes to my mind among others: Snakes & Lattes in Toronto. Snakes & Lattes was created by French and knows a growing success.

Of course every person, every player has different needs and expectations and it could be difficult to please everyone or most people.

So this idea of ​​opening a board game cafe tickles my brain and I like to know what you want, expect from a board game cafe? What kind of atmosphere, service, games, furniture, menu or/and beverages, events, etc … In short, what would be, for you, the ideal board game cafe?

So feel free to comment on this post and describe your ideal board game cafe.

Thank you everyone!

La revanche, photo de atelier scd
La revanche, photo from atelier scd

Ce qui se prépare sur La Tour à Dés

Anatomy of a Meeple from ?
Anatomy of a Meeple from ?

Bon après une petite pose bien méritée, il est temps de se remettre à écrire et donc voici quelques idées sur les articles à venir dans les prochaines semaines de votre blog préféré 😉

Comme d’habitude, si vous souhaitez voir des articles en particulier n’hésitez pas à me contacter sur la page Facebook de La Tour à Dés ou par E-mail: . Vos commentaires sont aussi très appréciés.

Voici donc un avant gout des prochains articles mais pas forcément dans l’ordre de publication.

Un article sur l’un des fabricants de jeux très connu , les 7 questions au créateur de Magic the Gathering: Richard Garfield, eh oui! Egalement 7 questions à Ludtche créateur de Pan t’es mort et big chef de Facily jeux. Aussi un article sur une nouvelle maison d’édition de jeux Normande: Viking Games qui vient de sortir sont premier jeux: Estiméo. Et pour ne pas oublier, 7 questions à Yann le co-créateur avec Clem de Heroes of Normandie.

Voilà pour un aperçu de ce qui va venir bien sur, je n’ai pas tout mentionné cela va de soi. Votre serviteur répondra également à une interview d’un de ses collègues bloggeurs! Oui, on m’a demandé de me mettre de l’autre coté de la table!

Alors restez à l’écoute et bon jeux!!

Trip to the States, voyage aux Etats Unis


Dear La Tour à Dés followers, you must be wondering what happen to me and my weekly interview/post?

I went to the States to spend some time with friends and family. It was a great, but short visit. I should be back in Texas permanently by mid-August.  After all, Texas is my home since 1997.

During this time I played games with my children and friends, multiple classic games like Dixit, Cards Against Humanity, Andor, Formula D, etc…

I also visited my local game stores in Texas like Rogues Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock and also some stores in California like Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara and Pair a Dice Games in Vista. Pair of Dice was well supplied in all kinds of games even the newest ones available in the States!! It was interesting to see the difference  between the selection of games in France and the U.S.A. I may talk about that later on.

I am flying back to France today for a short time and will resume my posts. Thank you for following them and sharing them. As always if you have any questions or suggestions let me know!

Keep playing!!

June 6 1944 D Day, June 6 2014

D DAY 70 banner

Today June 6, 2014, we remember and commemorate the Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy. At 6:30, 70 years ago, thousands of young people have landed on the beaches Code Names: Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha, Utah, preceded by thousands of Allied troops parachuted overnight behind German lines and the work of the French resistance. Opposite stood young people as part of the German troops and in the middle French civilians.

Today marks the beginning of the liberation of Europe.

For me, the memory of that day is of great importance on several levels. I am Normand and stories of war, liberation and post-liberation rocked my childhood and part of my family history as all the Normans of my age. Also, my wife is American and in 1999, I made a donation for the construction of the National World War II Memorial in Washington as a small token of my gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice of all these young people.

DDay prep

In the world of games, this event was of course was used, narrated, illustrated several times and I will mention just a few. Those games, even if they are games can be today or any day, used to remember and explain, tell this history to the youngest among us. We must never forget this day.

In games that have for subject this day and period, here are the ones I retained but there are many other:

Memoir 44, and a special expansion « D-Day Landings » that just came out.

Combat Comander Europe with its extension Battle Pack # 3 Normandy.

D-Day Dice.

Axis and Allies.

And today released a great new game on this theme: Heroes of Normandy and a special expansion « D-Day Scenario Pack. »

There are a lot of War game of course like Battlefront, Flames of War among others that will allow lolders to « relive » that day.

Therefore on this day, play to remember and to not forget this June 6, 1944 and thus start a conversation with the younger about these events.

HoN DDayddaydice

Fete Internationale du Jeu/ International Game Day

  • Aujourd’hui, 31 mai, c’est la fête mondiale du jeu!!! Sortez vos jeux et jouez en famille ou avec des inconnus! Allez voir votre ludothèque, rendez visite à votre boutique de jeux en famille ou entre amis et choisissez un ou plusieurs jeux ensemble! Il y en a pour tous les gouts, tous les âges, toutes les durées. Surtout, surtout, amusez-vous bien, et passez un moment avec des personnes réelles loin de vos téléphones, tablettes, télévisions et ordinateurs!!

  • Today, May 31st is the International Game Day! Get out your games and play with your family or strangers! Go to your game library, visit your games shop with your family or friends and choose one or more games together! There’s something for everyone, all ages, all durations. Especially, especially, have fun and spend time with real people away from your phones, tablets, televisions and computers!


LudiNord 2014

ludiNord Logo


Ce weekend, le 29 et 30 Mars,  à lieu le salon LudiNord au Fort de Mons prêt de Lille. Sur 1500 m2 vont se rencontrer éditeurs, créateurs, illustrateurs et bien sur joueurs. Ce salon existe depuis 2008 et devient maintenant un des salon important en France au même titre que Cannes, Parthenay et Paris.

Je serai donc là-bas pour rencontrer encore plus de personnes du monde ludique.


This weekend, on March 29 and 30th, LudiNord will take place in Fort de Mons near Lille (France). In 1500 m2, editors, designers, illustrators, publishers  and of course players  will meet. This show existe since 2008 and is now becoming one of the important board game show in France like Cannes, Parthenay and Paris.

I‘ll be there to meet more people from the board game world.

Report from the 2014 International Games Show of Cannes, France.

Test du proto Essen avec les créateurs et Michel Van Langendonckt.
Test of the  proto of Essen the game with the designers and Michel Van Langendonckt.

As you know all or almost the 28th International Games Festival 2014 held from February 28 to March 2 at Cannes (France). This is one of the greatest games event in France. This year 270 exhibitors, 300 authors and illustrators on 30,000 m2 welcomed 150,000 visitors during those 3 days.

This is the place to try games you do not know and those who just come out. This is also the place to meet your favorite artists and illustrators for game signings. There are also prototypes of new and future games during the “Off” evenings.

During this show the As d’Or arwards are presented.The As d’Or are the French distinction of the game world. This year the winner were:

  • Concept from Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot published by Repro Productions, As d’Or game of the year.
  • Riff Raff from Christoph Cantz published by Zoch, As d’Or game of the year children.
  • Bruxelles 1893 from Etienne Espreman published by Pearl Games, Great Arward
  • The builders Middle-Age from Frédéric Henry published by Bombyx, Arward from the judges

For me it was too short as always. I still met many people and discovered new / future games.

Off de Cannes 2014

Among the prototypes I’ve tried or seen, there was Essen the Game from Etienne Espreman and Frédéric Delaporte. This simple but interesting game rules immerses you in the Essen show in Germany where you spend a day with a budget to buy games. The atmosphere of Essen is well transcribed with publishers stands, parking to unload your bags, the location of the publishers stand … So a fun game, simple, nice and who has enough levels to provide multiple opportunities and strategy to win. I also saw a game of Polaris, a prototype from Roberto Fraga whose theme is a submarine duel with 2 crews of 4 people each with a clearly defined role. It is intense but very interesting because it takes teamwork of 4 players. Another prototype that I tried is Immortal from Marcel Friboulet. This game plunges you into the bowels of Medusa’s palace where you have to cut her head while avoiding her gaze that can change you into stone. This game is still early test stage campaign but it is a promising as a semi-cooperative strategic game.

There were a lot of prototypes and I regretted not having more time to try them all.

I also tried a game that will arrive on shelves all your « good creameries » soon. It was a success on Kickstarter: Heroes of Normandy from Yann and Clem. A compromise between Memoir 44 and a classic wargame. Fluid mechanics and some high quality material. I can’t wait to get it when it comes out.

Another fun game was Colis Party published by Facily jeux who brought us Pan t’es mort. Nothing better than playing with the creators (very nice actually). A simple game that make us having a really good time.

Marie Cardouat et Naiade
Marie Cardouat and Naiade

As always many meetings and so many interviews in the future of 7 questions style. This was also the time for me to thank in person all those who have kindly already answered to the 7 questions like Marie Cardouat, Helene Graveleau, Yoann Levet, Cedrick Chaboussit, etc ….

I can’t mention all the games I’ve tried and I’ve seen and all the people I’ve met but follow and / or subscribe to La Tour à Dès and see the result of Cannes.

Good games and see you soon!

Festival international des jeux de Cannes / International game festival of Cannes

La Tour à Des sera au Festival international des jeux de Cannes pendant les 3 jours qui suivent.

La Tour à Des will be at the International game festival of Cannes for the next 3 following days.